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be water my friend (Bruce Lee)
the HolisticHealthSystem &
how it developed


meanwhile in the end of my 50s I started 40 years ago working as a trainer. as an active athlete I took successful part in competitions (swimming) and started to impart my knowledge as a trainer also during my sport studies at university. but a heavy back injury at 23 ended up my sport studies & taught me much about health destructive factors in a meriocracy.


due sport/bodywork I did return in the next 6 years to a stable fitness & health situation but following my sport studies was not an option for a long time. so I started to stud psychology, education sciences & sociology at the free university berlin, later on social pedagogy at the evangelical college berlin & further more social sciences, media pedagogics & university didactics at the tu berlin.


for years I worked at the university & as a social worker.


I worked than as construction builder, cook, marketeer, event manager, lumberman, gardener & project manager in alternative projects too.


12 years ago I started to practice kung fu, hapkido, kickboxing, tai chi, qi gong and studied as a CAM practitioner the basics of Chinese medicine. also I made my degrees as a fitness trainer A/B & as health & prevention coach.

ever since I focussed on the human immune system. toxicology, nutritional science, immunology, neuroscience, epigenetics, sports science, psychosomatic medicine, motivational research, traditional medicine / healing methods are the main sectors of interest to me.

since 2008 I work as a freelancing trainer & coach.


 health, immune system, cellular fitness, nutrition, psychosomatics & energy work are part of my HolistisHealthSystem - fitness & health are indivisible to me.

gladly I'd like to support & attend you on your way towards a healthy, sportive life & to advice you on any health issues !

        Contact Me


Ralf Biastoch

- health - fitness - nutricion -

 educator  - sociologist - sports scientist

 certificated personal trainer

 health & prevention advisor

fitnesstrainer ( A/B licence ) - swimming instructor DSV

certificated qi gong / tai chi teacher 

 accomplished healing practicioner  TCM 


Tel. 015737504364  


I do stay in the tradition of the jing wu athletic association, am a member of chi kung fu berlin, sportschool lee,

work as a freelancer for holmes place, elixia, fitness & more, Charlottenburg 1895 e.V., Spandau 04 e.V. in berlin.

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